Service Robot Statistics

Executive Summary World Robotics 2016 Service Robots

The total number of professional service robots sold in 2015 rose considerably by 25% to 41,060 units up from 32,939 in 2014. The sales value increased by 14% to US$ 4.6 billion. Since 1998, a total of about 220,000 service robots for professional use have been counted in these statistics. It is not possible to estimate how many of these robots are still in operation due to the diversity of these products resulting in varying utilization times. Some robots (e.g. underwater robots) might be more than 10 years in operation (compared to an average life time of 12 years in industrial robotics). Others like defence robots may only serve for a short time.

The complete Executive Summary of World Robotics 2016 Service Robots is downloadable as pdf.