Personal / Domestic Robots

Robots for domestic tasks

Robots for domestic tasks

Entertainment robots

  • Toy/hobby robots
  • Robot rides
  • Pool cleaning
  • Education and training

Handicap assistance

  • Robotized wheelchairs
  • Personal rehabilitation
  • Other assistance functions

Personal transportation (AGV for persons)

Home security & surveillance

Professional Service Robots

Field robotics

Professional cleaning

  • Floor cleaning
  • Window and wall cleaning (including wall climbing robots)
  • Tank, tube and pipe cleaning
  • Hull cleaning (aircraft, vehicles, etc.)

Inspection and maintenance systems

  • Facilities, Plants
  • Tank, tubes and pipes and sewer
  • Other inspection and maintenance systems

Construction and demolition

  • Nuclear demolition & dismantling
  • Other demolition systems
  • Construction support and maintenance
  • Construction

Logistic systems

  • Courier/Mail systems
  • Factory logistics (incl. Automated Guided Vehicles for factories)
  • Cargo handling, outdoor logistics
  • Other logistics

Medical robotics

Defense, rescue & security applications

  • Demining robots
  • Fire and bomb fighting robots
  • Surveillance/security robots
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Unmanned ground based vehicles

Underwater systems

Mobile Platforms in general use

Robot arms in general use

Public relation robots

  • Hotel and restaurant robots
  • Mobile guidance, information robots
  • Robots in marketing
  • Others (i.e. library robots)

Special Purpose

  • Refueling robots
  • Others

Customized robots