Service Robots Case Studies

BlueBotics, Switzerland - IFR-Partner

At the Geneva Airport a robot helps passengers to find their way

June 2013

The Airport of Geneva and BlueBotics have developed an innovative robot. The robot moves around in the airport and helps travelers looking for a trolley, a money exchange or toilets. The robot accompanies the travelers to the location and at the same time it helps to carry forward the reflections on the concept of the service.

Gilles Brentini from the IT-Division of the Airport of Geneva comments: "The robot let our passengers know that they have arrived in Switzerland, a country at the leading edge of technology."

Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics, explains: "The robot is innovative in two ways. The first innovation is the navigation system, which needs neither cables on the floor nor other references. Our navigation system doesn't need anything. The second innovation is the application. It's the first robot which helps passengers in an airport to access different services."

The travelers seem to have already adopted the robot without any problems and are using it without hesitation.

A short video in French with English subtitles shows how the robot is doing his work at the airport.


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