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Robots carry out work that would not be economically viable in a high wage economy. Robots increase productivity. They speed up production time and improve quality. Please find examples below:

Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR-Partner

Robot quickly turns a profit at new machine shop

March 2013

How does a small, burgeoning machine shop handle a request for the machining of 100,000 units on a CNC lathe? By investing in a flexible robot arm to carry out the job. This is how a new machine shop in Denmark addressed the issue. A year later, the company is expanding their production, enabling increased growth and more robot cells.

Today the company, Nymann Teknik, is happy to present a bottom line with figures in the black. Their secret is Danish developed automation: A silent robot arm from Universal Robots that diligently works 10-12 hours every day. It feeds a CNC lathe with steel materials and solves various machining tasks in a flexible way.

"The robot gives a boost to a young company like mine. It helps pay a fair amount of our monthly operation costs, which has already resulted in a bottom line profit during the first financial year," explains managing director Morten Nymann, who co-founded Nymann Teknik with three investors in 2010.

"Small robots are the future here in Denmark. They are not looking to steal our jobs. On the contrary, they create more work for the Danes," Morten Nymann adds. Today, the machine shop consists of a handful of employees. Employees at Nymann Teknik are in charge of the quality control of finished products. This is why the robot's daily operation is during the 10-12 hours employees are present at the factory.

Local industrial customers

Nymann Teknik is situated in Hobro in Western Denmark. The company manufactures various stainless steel work pieces.  Industries such as the pump and wind turbine sectors are included in the customer portfolio. Most customers are based in this region.

"A large number of customers in the industry prefer a local production, as this helps to ensure high quality and high security of supply. The robot from Universal Robots enables us to manufacture products at a cost matching the total costs of outsourcing the work to Asia," says Morten Nymann.

Nymann's investor and co-founder, Jan Rømsgaard, has 40 years of experience working with robots and automation within the tile industry. He was the one to suggest Nymann Teknik invest in a robot from Universal Robots.

"The price is really quite reasonable. The purchasing price is between a third and a fourth of an average annual salary in this country. In this way, the robots provide an additional contribution margin," Rømsgaard explains. "Actually, I do not understand how Universal Robots' distributors are able to deliver the robot at such a low price. The robot, however, provides excellent opportunities for maintaining expertise and production in Europe," he adds.

Low installation costs - Very easy to work with

Nymann Teknik paid a visit to one of Universal Robots' distributors, KSN Industri A/S, to watch a demonstration of the UR robot in a test setup.

The demonstration convinced Morten Nymann this was indeed the right investment. The distributor visited Nymann Teknik only once - to deliver the robot. Since then, the robot has run impeccably and is described by the company as both thrifty and reliable. It is equipped with two pneumatic catch arms including adapters.

"We simply took the robot out of the box and plugged it in. In an hour and a half, we had created the first program. After seven hours, the robot was working in production. My employees taught themselves how to program it," explains Morten Nymann adding that the robot paid itself off in a mere three months. The fact that the robot can work alongside personnel with no safety shielding is of great importance to Nymann Teknik.

"This meant lower costs for installation. The robot only requires a simple fixture which saves space, and the operation of the robot is made easier by the fact that tools are effortlessly exchanged. At the same time, possible errors are easily detected," Morten Nymann explains.

Robot creates a new market

Electric project manager Thomas Andersen from KSN Industri advised Nymann Teknik about the choice of automation. He is very pleased to include the robots from Universal Robots in the company's product line.

"The UR robots have created an entirely new market for automation where completely different tasks can now be automated. Previously, we were not able to offer a profitable robot solution to feed lathes with various materials," says Andersen.

"To solve tasks like the ones at Nymann Teknik there are no alternatives to the robots from Universal Robots. Solutions with other robot types will be at least twice as expensive to purchase and such an investment would not be profitable for them."

KSN Industri is experiencing a significant increase in the number of requests for the Danish robots from Universal Robots. At the same time, the distributor is happy with the fact that the robots are so reliable that so far no complaints have been registered.