Work in High Wage Countries

Robots carry out work that would not be economically viable in a high wage economy. Robots increase productivity. They speed up production time and improve quality. Please find examples below:

Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Robot Supplier member

Port Erie Plastics is all in on automation

Using primarily WITTMANN BATTENFELD robots, Port Erie has automated 50% of their 90 injection molding machines. The results? Decreased costs, improved part quality and consistency, and winning work back from overseas.


ABB, Switzerland - IFR Robot Supplier member

A classic tale of "Made in America" manufacturing, with a modern robotic twist

Bad Boy Mowers has hit the big time, riding a surge of American manufacturing innovation aided by robotic welding technology from ABB. The "can-do" spirit is a deeply held defining ideal of the American tale; the country's history is strewn with stories of garage tinkerers building the next big thing.


Blue Ocean Robotics - IFR Robot Supplier

In The Region of Southern Denmark jobs aren't disappearing because of robotics

One of the manufacturing companies in the Region of Southern Denmark, who already are benefiting from the robots, is Bogense Plast, which manufactures high-quality items, specializing in injection moulding. The company installed the first robot in 1994, and since then, including automation has been an important tool to keep prices low and competitiveness high. However, increasing production efficiency does not necessarily equal a cut back on staff.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR-Partner

Robot colleague boosts the bottom line

For the Danish company Stantræk, automation means growth. The company that processes sheet metal and coils is now able to expand production without significant increases in payroll. From 2008-2013, revenue nearly doubled from $4M to $7M while the number of employees increased from 21 to 28 only. Much of the added workload is now handled by Universal Robots.


KUKA, Germany - IFR Partner

Reaching your target at high speed

KS Metallbearbeitung GmbH turns to automation in the milling of aluminum workpieces and has taken a bold step towards automation: a decision well worth taking. That's because using automated solutions in the form of industrial robots and machine tools has a clear competitive advantage. Working with the extremely fast and compact KUKA KR AGILUS.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR-Partner

Universal Robots brings manufacturing back to United States

Universal Robots now performs machine tending at RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich in California. Deploying the robot arms from Denmark has vastly improved the company's ability to stay competitive.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR-Partner

Robot quickly turns a profit at new machine shop

How does a small, burgeoning machine shop handle a request for the machining of 100,000 units on a CNC lathe? By investing in a flexible robot arm to carry out the job. This is how a new machine shop in Denmark addressed the issue. A year later, the company is expanding their production, enabling increased growth and more robot cells.


ABB, Sweden - IFR-Partner

ABB robots help Perryman's Bakery increase output and reduce wastage

Perryman's of North Adelaide, Australia have tripled output, reduced waste, increased staff and improved occupational health and safety, all with the help of robot automation. Perryman's, a forward-thinking family bakery from North Adelaide, Australia, has made a name for itself on the quirky appeal of its popular "Gingerbread Babies".


Kawasaki, Germany - IFR-Partner

Sustainable automation of pallet production at the Wulf Paletten company

Showing courage to change and a high degree of self-initiative, the Wulf Paletten GmbH has engaged in the robotics subject and is continuously extending its robot plant. Due to the general pricing pressure in the pallet manufacuring segment, the company did not have the chance to work with a higher number of employees in the market niche of special pallet production but would be impossible with regard to the given prices.


ABB, UK - IFR-Partner

Trisa brush up on productivity with the aid of ABB robots

ABB robots are playing a key role in helping Swiss toothbrush maker remain competitive in a global market.