Work Impossible for Humans to Fulfill

Robots carry out work that would be impossible for humans to do. Robots provide the required quality, precision, speed and traceability which cannot be achieved manually. Please find examples below:

ABB - IFR Partner

After 5,000 years, automation finds its way into the "lost wax process"

With home-grown innovation and ABB robots, MPI, Inc. has discovered the secret to incredible increases in productivity and quality for today's most competitive foundries.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR-Partner

New robot lends precision and reliability to the production of hearing aids

Hearing device manufacturer Oticon needed a more flexible robot to handle the tiny hearing device components in its production. The company found the ideal solution in the six-axis robot from Danish company Universal Robots.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR-Partner

Universal Robot enables colourful accuracy

With assistance from a Universal Robot, the Czech producer of pigment pastes, Replac-BM, can now mix and test new samples not only with lower costs, but also with far greater accuracy.


KUKA, Germany - IFR Partner

Testing to the limits with KUKA

Zwick, based in Ulm-Einsingen, began manufacturing testing machines back in 1938 and grew, in the ensuing decades, to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines for materials testing. The company is steeped in tradition and its product range covers materials testing machines for compression, tensile and bending tests on material specimens, workpieces and components. In order to enable the testing systems to work around the clock and with consistent accuracy, Zwick has automated the handling of specimens using robots from KUKA.


Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Partner

Multi-component molding, styled throughout for zero error

Maximum yield and zero error production demand highly efficient automation to meet the requirements of the automobile industry. With sophisticated logistics and technically high quality components, TRW Airbag Systems in Aschau, Germany, produce the ignition units for gas generators and belt tensioners in pyrotechnic safety areas - with WITTMANN equipment.