Research Committee

Alexander Verl, Chairman Research Committee

Each R&D Institute member send one representative to the Research Committee, which nominates among its members a Chairman and a maximum number of five further members, in order to be send to the General Assembly as representatives with voting rights. The Research Committee operates under procedures developed by it and approved by the Executive Board.

It is the Committee's responsibility to develop and promote the International Symposium on Robotics ISR. They support the collection and selection of high quality papers.

The Research Committee is also responsible for the IFR Research Lectures. The IFR Research Lectures started 2011. IFR invites young academics to share research and development on robotics. The main features are:

  • International knowledge exchange and practical experience on a detailed level
  • Promoting collaboration on an international high-level basis for future projects and proposals 
  • Promotion of excellent researchers and strengthening the international community in robotics

Members of the Research Committee are also part of the IERA Award evaluation committee.

The Research Committee meets once a year during the ISR.