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3rd Quarterly Newsletter 2009

President's Report

World Robotics 2009 is published today! For the first time we have two separate studies: Industrial Robots and Service Robots!


IFR Statistical Department

World Robotics 2009 is published on 30 September 2009

World Robotics 2009 - Industrial Robots and World Robotics 2009 - Service Robots are published on 30 September 2009. The IFR Statistical Department is proud to present for the first time two separate studies for the two main robot categories.


2008 World Robot Market - Already affected by the economic downturn

Slump in 2009 - recovery between 2010 and 2012

In 2008, the worldwide sales of industrial robots stagnated at the second highest level ever recorded. More than 113,000 units were supplied worldwide. More than one million industrial robots were operating in the factories worldwide at the end of 2008, reports the IFR Statistical Department in the new study "World Robotics 2009 - Industrial Robots" which was published on Wednesday in Frankfurt.


Professional service robots are establishing themselves

By the end of 2008, about 63,000 service robots for professional use were sold. These high-tech and highly valuable robots are increasingly entering factories, hospitals, public buildings, dangerous and hazardous environments, oceans, the space, cow barns, fields,etc., reports the IFR Statistical Department in the new study "World Robotics 2009 - Service Robots", which was published on Wednesday in Frankfurt.


ISR - Call for Papers

41st International Symposium on Robotics

The Call for Papers for the 41st International Symposium on Robotics 2010 has been released.


IERA Award 2010 - Call for Applications

IEEE/IFR Invention & Entrepreneurship Award

Call for Applications IEEE/IFR Invention & Entrepreneurship Award for outstanding achievements in commercializing innovative Robot and Automation Technology.


EUROP - European Robotics Technology Platform

Robotics industry supports Europe with joint visions for the future

In Brussels, EUROP, the European Robotics Technology Platform, presented the "Robotic Visions to 2020 and Beyond - The Strategic Research Agenda for robotics in Europe, 07/2009". This future-oriented framework is the result of three years of intensive work.


Dürr Systems, Germany - IFR-Partner

Dürr received major order from Renault in Morocco

Dürr Group is supporting the automotive manufacturer Renault in building a new plant for good value medium-sized cars. Dürr is to deliver the majority of the required paint systems to the site in Tangiers, Morocco by the end of 2011.


Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Cooperation Gedik Kaynak and Valk Welding B.V.

Gedik Kaynak, with their headquarters in Istanbul (Turkey) and Valk Welding with their headquarters in The Netherlands, have started a cooperation on the European market. Gedik Kaynak from Istanbul (Turkey) is one of the leading manufacturers of welding consumables in Turkey and has been producing these consumables since 1963.


ABB, UK - IFR-Partner

Speeding up Honeytop's pancake production

How ABB robots are helping Honeytop Speciality Foods Ltd improve productivity and hygienic conditions


Adept, Germany - IFR-Partner

Advanced Packaging Management Software Solution and new Flexible Part Feeding Technology

Adept Technology to demonstrate advanced Packaging Managmement Software Solution at FACHPACK 2009 and PACK EXPO 2009. ACE PackXpert Packaging Software and Part Feeding Technology featured in booth enables manufacturers to ramp up production while reducing integration costs & deployment time.


Dürr Systems, Germany - IFR-Partner

EcoSupply P - Special Paint Supply with New, Simple Pig Modules Successfully Introduced

With new, smaller pig modules that are integrated in the color changer, two EcoSupply P systems supply four robots and two EcoMACC control stations at MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik Graz, Austria. Worldwide, the 53rd painting line with special paint colors from EcoSupply P systems has already been in operation.


BlueBotics, Switzerland - IFR-Partner

Paquito, the clever robot workmate

Human-machine interaction is becoming ever more important. Modern robots are expected to autonomously carry out tasks in complex environments and to perform work on their own or assist humans in performing it.


RIA, USA - IFR-Industry Association

Robot Orders Down Sharply in First Half of 2009

Robotics industry statistics released by RIA report that North American based robotics companies saw orders for new robots decline 36% in units and 47% in dollars through the first half of 2009. The second quarter alone saw declines of 43% in units and 51% in dollars over the same period in 2008.


RIA, USA - IFR-Industry Association Member

Nominations Sought for 2010 Engelberger Robotics Award

Also, offers from RIA for RIA members and non-members. Find out more ...


Robotics Association Benelux - IFR Industry Association Member

Audit procedure of RAB Robotics Safety Mark almost finished!

Since the formation of the Robotics Association Benelux (RAB) in September 2007, a lot of effort has been put in brand awareness, expansion of members and sponsors, the organisation of the highly successful Robot Safety Seminar 2008 and the development of the RAB Robotics Safety Mark.


BlueBotics, Switzerland - IFR-Partner

BlueBotics tackles the industrial market with strong partners

With its autonomous navigation technology (ANT®), BlueBotics SA is setting new standards in mobile robotics and pioneering progress towards safe interaction between man and machine.


Motoman, UK - IFR-Partner

Insatiable demand for pizza - Robot palletizes pizza cartons around the clock

Charwood Foods, one of the UK's leading manufacturer of pizza bases with a volume of 63 million units per year, was starting a second production line and needed to palletize boxes of finished pizzas.


Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Partner

Auxiliaries from WITTMANN - the key to success !

The main themes of the last shows - energy efficiency, productivity and flexibility - maintain  their high profile again during the 20th anniversary year of the FAKUMA show.


Adept, Germany, IFR-Partner

Achieve Packaging Sustainability with Flexible Automation

Packaging sustainability is the ultimate goal of packagers. The challenge is to balance economic prosperity with environmental and social responsibility. Preserving resources by minimizing their environmental impact, reducing energy consumption, and ...


Valk Welding, Netherlands

Faymonville installs manual welding machines

The company Faymonville, the Benelux region's biggest manufacturer of semi-trailers for special transport, has equipped all of its production units with Panasonic manual welding power sources. Valk Welding has supplied the company with 250 manual welding machines over the past two years.


New IFR Member

BlueBotics, Switzerland

We are glad to welcome our new member BlueBotics SA located in Lausanne, Switzerland


Dürr Systems, Germany - IFR-Partner

Like it shorter? Shortest painting lines through integrated application concept and one hundred percent full automation

A complete painting line, almost 30% shorter than usual, with fully automatic paint application, highly flexible and with a capacity of more than 50 units per hour? A dream? No, it is reality. Such a line will be put into operation this year. Facilitated by a novel automation concept in connection with a redesigned application process. More about the technology on the next pages.


15-29 Oct, 2009

RAB: Organisation Robot Safety Seminar 2009 started!

Following the highly successful seminars of 2007 and 2008, the Robotics Association Benelux (RAB) - the sector association of manufacturers, suppliers and system integrators of Industrial Robots - , will organize the Robot Safety Seminar 2009.


26-28 Oct, 2009

National Robot Safety Conference XXI

Moving Forward with Safety: Developments in Robot and Machine Safety

Registration Open; Conference Examines the Latest in Standards, Technology, Products


25-28 Nov, 2009


This exhibition brings together the robot manufacturers and its related business enterprises in Japan, which is the leading country of the robot industry.