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2nd Quarterly Newsletter 2014

President's Report

Endless opportunities to use robots

Human-machine-collaboration, more ease of use and assembly will provide a huge potential for robot installations in the coming years.  This became apparent in the discussion of the robot users Dr. Chia Day, Foxconn, and Dr. Stefan-Markus Baginski, BMW, among five CEO robot suppliers at the AUTOMATICA in Munich on 4 June 2014. 


Joint CRIA-IFR CEO Round Table at CIROS Show in Shanghai on 8th July

Topic: "International Visions on the Robot Market of China"

The CRIA-IFR CEO Round Table is organized in co-operation with the Chinese Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) who is sponsoring the event.  Topic of discussion will be: "International Visions on the Robot Market of China"


IERA Award final on 8th July 2014

Three finalists nominated

Three Finalists have been nominated by the IERA Award Committee to present their story of the genesis of a successful innovative product in robotics and automation at a special session at the conference of China International Robot Show (CIROS) on 8 July 2014 in Shanghai.


Endless opportunities to use robots

Human-machine-collaboration, more ease of use and assembly will provide a huge potential for robot installations in the coming years

This became apparent in the discussion of the robot users Dr. Chia Day, Foxconn, and Dr. Stefan-Markus Baginski, BMW, among five robot suppliers at the AUTOMATICA in Munich on 4 June 2014. The International Federation of Robotics had invited the press to this round table with the topic "Easy to use robots - challenge and chance to capture new applications and customers".


Global robotics industry: Record beats Record!

2013: 179,000 industrial robots sold - 2014: Continued increase expected

"In 2013, about 179,000 industrial robots were sold worldwide, again an all-time high and 12 percent more than in 2012," announced Arturo Baroncelli, IFR President on Wednesday, 04 June at the AUTOMATICA in Munich the preliminary results of the IFR world robot statistics. "Incoming orders in the first four months of 2014 increased remarkably and requests from all customer industries are on the rise. Therefore, we expect that in 2014 growth of unit sales will continue with the same pace like in 2013," stated Baroncelli.


New IFR Industry Association Member

China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) joined IFR

We are very glad to welcome our new IFR Industry Association member China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA), who just joined the International Federation of Robotics. In 2013, the alliance was initiated by the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) as a non-profit organization that will focus on robot research and development, production and utilization.


Robots Spark Job Growth in Electronics Industry

New data dispel the myth that automation negatively impacts jobs. Robots are credited for sustaining job growth in the flourishing electronics industry despite the Great Recession. According to a report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), from 2008 to 2011 robotics created up to 80,000 jobs in the electronics sector.


Blue Ocean Robotics - IFR Robot Supplier

In The Region of Southern Denmark jobs aren't disappearing because of robotics

One of the manufacturing companies in the Region of Southern Denmark, who already are benefiting from the robots, is Bogense Plast, which manufactures high-quality items, specializing in injection moulding. The company installed the first robot in 1994, and since then, including automation has been an important tool to keep prices low and competitiveness high. However, increasing production efficiency does not necessarily equal a cut back on staff.


ABB, Switzerland - IFR Robot Supplier member

A classic tale of "Made in America" manufacturing, with a modern robotic twist

Bad Boy Mowers has hit the big time, riding a surge of American manufacturing innovation aided by robotic welding technology from ABB. The "can-do" spirit is a deeply held defining ideal of the American tale; the country's history is strewn with stories of garage tinkerers building the next big thing.


Panasonic, Germany - IFR Partner

The Panasonic welding robot TM Series - A new unique generation of robots

Panasonic Robot and Welding Systems Europe presents the TM Welding Robot Series, this being the all new and unique generation of robots. The TM welding robots have been developed to combine the benefits of the current TA and TB Series.


ABB, Switzerland - IFR Robot Supplier member

IRB 1200: Entirely new small robot family from ABB addresses the needs of modern material handling and machine tending

With the introduction of the IRB 1200, ABB addresses the needs of the material handling and machine tending industries for flexibility, ease of use, compactness and short cycle times while still maintaining large working envelopes.


Kuka, Germany - IFR Robot Supplier member

A new generation of robotics - The sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot from KUKA opens up new possibilities in automation and can work safely together with the human operator

The lightweight robot LBR iiwa - intelligent industrial work assistant - is on the one hand an intelligent helper for industrial tasks and additionally opens up new fields of application in service and medical robotics. It is sensitive, compliant, precise and flexible, and is equipped with mechanical systems and drive technology for industrial operation.


Universal Robots, Denmark - IFR Robot Supplier member

Universal Robots presents the next generation of lightweight robots - Revised UR5 and UR10: Absolute Encoders and Adjustable Safety

Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of flexible industrial robot arms, is presenting today its third generation of the lightweight robots UR5 and UR10. Special features of the revised robot arms are the true absolute encoders, the eight new adjustable safety rated functions, twice the number of built-in I/O´s and the improved possibilities for connecting equipment to the control boxes.


Bluebotics, Switzerland - IFR Robot Supplier Member

BlueBotics ANT® - setting the trend in autonomous navigation

Creating market innovations with BlueBotics ANT® technology - that's precisely what the Swiss-based Stöcklin Group has succeeded in doing. For 80 years the Group has been a byword for smart logistics solutions that satisfy the most stringent requirements. Its 500 employees advise customers all round the


Yaskawa, Germany - IFR Robot Supplier

Yaskawa Nordic develops a revolutionary co-worker

One of the hottests topics in today's robot environment is the development of co-worker robots. Having a robot working closely together with an operator to perform some, but not all of his tasks will improve the operator's productivity. 


Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Valk Welding delivers welding robot system to VDL Containersystemen

VDL Containersystemen has developed an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) that can be used to unmanned sea container transport. The first AGVs were welded entirely manually, but VDL Containersystemen recently installed a welding robot system from Valk Welding. VDL will be programming some of the welding programs for the welding robot itself using Valk Welding's offline programming system.


COMAU, Italy - IFR Robot Supplier member

COMAU and sheet metal stamping - new skills for all-around automation

Already in the mid-70s, Comau, the leading Italian company in industrial automation, robotics and mechatronics, had developed specific robots to automate the handling of sheet metal in stamping lines, facilitating a significant increase in productivity and safety for the operators.


Final Report: Record Participation

AUTOMATICA Shows Production of Tomorrow

  • 34,500 visitors from more than 100 countries
  • 731 exhibitors from 42 countries
  • Great start of service robotics

RIA, USA - IFR Industry Association

RIA to Present 2014 Engelberger Robotics Awards to Dr. Rodney Brooks, Dr. Rory Cooper and Dr. Vijay Kumar

The robotics industry's highest honor, the Engelberger Robotics Award, will be presented to Dr. Rodney Brooks, Dr. Rory Cooper and Dr. Vijay Kumar at a special ceremony on Monday, June 2 in Munich, Germany. The ceremony is held in conjunction with the joint 45th ISR 2014 and 8th ROBOTIK 2014 conference which are organized as part of AUTOMATICA, June 3-6, 2014 in Munich.


RIA, USA - IFR Industry Association

North American Robotic Orders Record Second-Highest Quarter Ever in First Quarter 2014

The robotics market in North America posted its second-highest quarter ever in terms of robots ordered in first quarter 2014, according to new statistics from Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry's trade group.