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Yaskawa, Japan - IFR Partner

Innovative Robot System for Biomedical Field

June 2013

YASKAWA Electric Corporation has developed a robot system using own dual arm robot for pre-analysis work of reagent and specimen in the biomedical research field.

Until now, complicated and delicate work has been carried out by manual labor in the medical and the bioresearch field, such as making full use of plural analytical instruments and perform minute analysis after dispensing, stirring, and isolating a very small amount of reagent and specimen in several kinds of small container as pre-analysis work. However, these manual labors have potential problems such as unevenness by individual differences and mistakes, dangers of touching powerful medicine and germ, and long-time routine work.

The robot system can set a researcher free from such a dangerous environment and long-time routine work. In addition, the robot system has high flexibility and extensibility because an analytical instrument or the container which a person had used conventionally can be used by using dual arm robot for the system.  Furthermore, the robot system has better repeatability than human does and it is able to provide reliable experimental data.

This robot cell is an innovative solution for a large scale proteomics (*1) research and quantitative experiment that high repeatability is required for. (Collaborative R&D: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Molecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery)

* 1 Proteomics: Generic name of the technique to analyze structure and a function of protein made with in vivo cell and tissue generally, the result is available for an altitude medical technology for clinical medicine and pharmaceutical products development.