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Wittmann, Germany - IFR-Partner

"Creating value" with innovative automation and peripheral equipment technology from Wittmann

At the FAKUMA 2012, which is being held from October 16 to 21 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, WITTMANN will present more than ten novelties from the fields of automation and peripheral technology. The portfolio of premieres starts with two new robot models - W822 and W808.

W822 robotRobot model W822

WITTMANN's extensive robot range will be further expanded by a completely new series of appliances, the model W822. This model is intended to serve as an entry-level appliance for complex automation projects with a demand for high load capacities in the area of small machines. This function was previously covered by the W832 model with a maximum load capacity of 25 kg, but this model is too highly dimensioned for the traditional range of small machines. The mechanical dimensions of the W822 robot model are identical with those of the proven W821 series of appliances from WITTMANN: a horizontal axis of up to maximal 4,000 mm and a demolding stroke of up to 550 mm. A complete novelty, though, is the vertical axis, which has a 15 kg load capacity over a distance of up to 1,200 mm and is still able to move 12 kg at maximum speed over a distance of 1,400 mm. The W822 robot can be equipped with many additional functions, such as servo rotation axes, additional I/O extensions, vacuum and gripper circuits.

WITTMANN has developed and launched the W822 in response to molder needs for greater payload and versatility around small to mid-sized molding machines of up to 400 tons of clamping force. Thus far the entry level robot for insert application work has been the W832 robot. This model however has generally reckoned to be oversized on molding machines of less than 200 ton clamping force. The W822 robot now allows users a superior automation performance around the small and mid-size molding machine range.

The W822 comes as standard with the universal R8.2 robot control from WITTMANN. This includes real-time functions such as SmartRemoval, EcoMode, intelligent vacuum systems with teachable switchover levels, SoftTorque and many other advanced features. All related and attached downstream molding operations can also be easily accessed through the R8.2 control for a single point of control.

Martin Stammhammer, Sales Manager Robots and Automation Systems says that "the W822 robot is the latest in a comprehensive revamp of our WITTMANN automation range. Much of this work has been inspired by an increased customer need for more automation performance beside-the-press - increased payload, performW808 - the ideal small appliance for extremely short cycle timesance and flexibility. WITTMANN automation is enabling molders of all kinds to be more ambitious in their production work - while at the same time resting secure in the knowledge that their robots have the capacity to handle increased payload and complexity. However equally important and the main focus of every design effort, is the easy access to all functions through the R8.2 control system."

Robot model W808

The second market launch in the automation range concerns the W808 appliance, which constitutes a significant further development of the predecessor model W801. This appliance is specially laid out for use on injection molding machines with clamping forces of up to approx. 150 t. The W808 can handle a maximum load of 3 kg and has been designed for extremely short cycle times.