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Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Partner

Auxiliaries from WITTMANN - the key to success !

The main themes of the last shows - energy efficiency, productivity and flexibility - maintain  their high profile again during the 20th anniversary year of the FAKUMA show.  More than ever, are intelligent, flexible and efficient devices required for molding success. The WITTMANN Group demonstrates innovative new products for optimizing the process of plastics molding. 

Numerous product presentations demonstrate the innovative power of our combined companies of WITTMANN and BATTENFELD. From October 13th to 17th, 2009 the WITTMANN Group introduces in Hall B1 Booth 1204 a brand new worldwide introduction, the new electric molding machine EcoPower.  From the AUXILIARIES product range, the following robot models will be presented to the visitors of FAKUMA 2009:

W811 with B/C-Servo - Rotations1. Robot model W811 with B/C-Servo - Rotations

The market need for additional servo driven degrees of freedom even on smaller robot models is addressed now by WITTMANN with the introduction of the B/C servo axes for small robot models W811, as well as W821 and W831.  The Servo-B-axis allows for an incremental rotation of end-of-arm tooling and C-wrist flip between 0°-270°, while the Servo-C-axis rotates the end-of-arm tooling between 0° and 180°. All intermediate positions of the respective axis of rotation can be programmed with an accuracy of 0,01°.

Servo robots with Servo-B/C combination provide as a standard 5 degrees of freedom and thus allow the implementation of complex curved path motions.  The payload available for end-of-arm tooling and part ranges depending on the robot model from 3kg to 8kg. These additional servo axes rotations are now available starting from the small robot model W811 up to the largest robot W873.  The optimum 5 or 6 axis servo control shown is linear axis for injection molding part removal on the main axis and then to add these curvilinear motions control in wrist rotations for special part removal requirements or value added work cell demands in pre- or post molding operations. Along the main axis motions the payload is not compromised within the work envelop.  

Robot control R8 with conveyor belt synchronisation2. Robot control R8 with conveyor belt synchronisation

The R8 robot control from WITTMANN combines ideally an easy-to-use and intuitive operation with unmatched performance.

Within up to 16,000 lines per program practically unlimited robot sequences can be realized. The multitasking ability of the control allows the arbitrary sequential or parallel execution of work cell programs. Furthermore, up to 12 numerical axes can be moved synchronized or separate from each other.  Besides the standard functionality of TruePath for the precise curvilinear following of 3D motions, the completely revised PartTrack function on the R8-control allows the synchronous following of objects on a moving conveyor belt.

The exact position of the object on the conveyor belt is recognized by a sensor and tracked precisely by means of an incremental encoder. Thereby objects can be picked up from a moving conveyor or parts can be placed inside a box placed on such conveyors.  Practical for the setup is, to not require the conveyor belt to be in any specific angle to the robot axes, as any arbitrary orientation and surface angle can be assumed and followed.


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