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Wittmann, Austria - IFR-Partner

Low Clearance Telescopic Pneumatic Robots

WITTMANN introduced the W710T and W710TS "pick and place" high performance pneumatic robots with telescopic Y-arm are designed specifically for applications requiring minimum clearance where robot automation may not have previously been considered.

The suffix "T" identifies the "telescopic" feature of the robot while the suffix "TS" identifies the "sub arm" option for three-plate molds. Both robot models are based on the proven W710 series and include the SA7 microprocessor control with generous LCD display for simple, easy programming and the standard molding machine interface (SPI & E12).



The W710T and W710TS robots are specifically designed for applications on smaller molding machines up to approx. 300 t. The pneumatic telescopic Y-axis reduces the height clearance requirements while still providing fast strokes of either 800 or 1,000 mm with minimum vibration for applications with low ceilings or other obstacles the robot must clear, like cranes, mezzanines, etc. The fixed kick stroke on the pneumatic X-axis prevents collision with material hoppers or blenders on injection molding machines with short injection units. The servo driven Z-axis is available with strokes of 1,500 or 2,000 mm.

Other standard features include:

  • 1 vacuum circuit with digital vacuum switch
  • 1 gripper with valve for the Y sub arm
  • Pneumatic C-axis with 0-90° rotation for parts placement

The SA7 microprocessor control allows simple programming and setup of the robots with the proven teach method from WITTMANN. The easy-to-use graphical LCD display interface offers a simple start sequence and Teach-in programming of the entire robot program sequence, including all movements, strokes and timer settings. The SA7 provides full diagnostics and text error messages. Up to 50 additional individual user programs can be taught and stored.


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