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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Valk Welding received the RAB Robot Safety Mark

Valk Welding receives RAB Safety MarkOn October 15, 2009, Valk Welding received in Eindhoven from the RAB (Robotics Association Benelux) the RAB Robot Safety Mark. Valk Welding received this unique safety document because she is working according to the strict norms which are initiated by the RAB.

The RAB Robotic Safety Mark is worldwide the first safety document for robotics industry. Valk Welding received the certificate after she had been tested by an intende surveyor on the application of the strong guidelines and norms of machine building industry. The RAB Safety Mark is an initiative from the Robotics Association Benelux (RAB). The RAB is a branch organization which is active in order to improve the image as well as the application of industrial robots.

A special approval committee within the RAB has cooperated with an independent authorized body to create requirements which have been used to test the RAB member on safety. These requirements, test and check in principal the compliance of the RAB member of the existing (and from end 2009 new) machine guidelines and norms (NEN-EN-ISO-CD/TR-SIL-PL, etc.). The safety mark has a validity of 2 years. After this period the member will be checked again by an independent authorized body.


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