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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Valk Welding expands Replacement Program to all robot brands

Valk Welding has started this spring the replacement program with Panasonic welding robots. The successful exchange program replaces industrial robots who have reached their "Retirement age". Customers with a retired robot are offered to invest for a relatively low amount into the latest welding robot technology if the old robot is returned to Valk Welding. Due to the success of this replacement program, Valk Welding has extended the exchange action to all existing robot brands.

Remco Valk: "When using older robot models (15 years and older) it can become difficult to find repair parts which can result in unforeseen and critical production stops. All companies and robot users do not want to get confronted with this situation, but have become more cautious with replacement investments due to the economical circumstances. With the Replacement Program we made it possible for our customers as well as robot users from other robot brands to invest a fairly low amount for exchange of the latest welding robot technology. This expansion to robot brands other than Panasonic is based on the sole request which we received out of the market."

Older generation welding robots

Valk Welding has exchanged in the meantime a large quantity of retired robots from which some of them have found their last resting place on a robot cemetery in Alblasserdam.

Valk Welding has established the Replacement Program in close cooperation with Panasonic Welding Systems Japan. Companies can exchange their retired robots against very interesting conditions for an arc welding robot from the latest Panasonic TAWERS generation. In this way, companies can use the latest technology in arc welding for their production. Especially now, with lower production than the last years, the decision to exchange only the robot out of a complete welding cell, has become very popular.


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