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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Cooperation Gedik Kaynak and Valk Welding B.V.

Gedik Kaynak, with their headquarters in Istanbul (Turkey) and Valk Welding with their headquarters in The Netherlands, have started a cooperation on the European market. Gedik Kaynak from Istanbul (Turkey) is one of the leading manufacturers of welding consumables in Turkey and has been producing these consumables since 1963.

GEDIK productProducing welding consumables such as solid welding wires, stick electrodes, welding rods as well as consumables for submerged arc welding, Gedik has gained a solid market share on both Turkish as well as international market. Since Gedik has been manufacturing these products under their own brandname, but also as an OEM manufacturer, large quantities have been supplied world wide for the last 30 years.

In order to reply to the demand on the European market for quick deliveries and local logistical as well as technical support, Gedik has founded a European based company: Gedik Europe B.V., situated in The Netherlands. The location was chosen for strategically reasons in order to have a minimum of transport costs between port of unloading (Rotterdam) and the newly established company.

Based on the relationship with Valk Welding from the past, Gedik has decided to cooperate closely with Valk Welding, who will support them with logistical, commercial as well as technical issues on the European market. With their experience for years with the distribution of wire throughout Europe, Valk Welding is the most suitable partner for this cooperation. Using the support from their local subsidiaries in France, Denmark and Czech Republic, Valk Welding has with its complete coverage of the North-European market, created a logistic network which will be able to supply welding wire within 72 hours throughout whole of Europe (urgent or overnight delivery excluded).

The major goal of this cooperation is to improve response time to Gedik customers, combined with reduced costs for transport, using the existing logistics network from Valk Welding.

With more then 100 tons of by Gedik manufactured welding wire available in Alblasserdam, ranging from:

  • SG2/SG3 carbon wires on 5 or 18 kg. spools, in drums for automated applications
  • SG2/SG3 carbon in drums for automated applications
  • Stick electrodes
  • Fluxes and Submerged arc welding wire
  • Mig/Tig rods

Gedik Europe B.V. can immediately respond to the majority of the requests from the market. Based on the demand, the stock will be increased and more adapted to specific customer requests.

Both Gedik (founded in 1963) and Valk Welding (founded in 1961) are privately owned companies in which the second generation of the company founder are managing the company. With the same business philosophy which is based on solid but only reliable growth, both companies can rely on yearlong financial reserves. In doing so, overhead and secondary costs in both organisations are extremely low, which does result in competitive but fair pricing.

Both Gedik and Valk Welding feel confident in this cooperation and we are convinced that with the premium quality from Gedik products combined with the know-how on logistics and distribution of welding wire from Valk Welding, the European welding market will change drastically in regard to pricing delivery times and after sales service. Gedik Europe B.V. will be fully operational as of September 1, 2009.

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