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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR Partner

Van Hool expands robotic welding applications

Van Hool N.V. in Koningshooikt, Belgium, worldwide known in the field of production of industrial vehicles and busses, is soon expanding their robotised production capacity in the industrial vehicle division.

Based on the installed welding robot projects in the last years, Valk Welding received again an order for delivery of two robotic installations. One installation for the full-automated welding of trailer components and a second installation for unmanned welding of complete trailer chassis.

Company Van Hool N.V. who is using Valk Welding welding robots since 1998 has succeeded, by an extensive cooperation with Valk Welding B.V., in generating the programs of the welding installations almost full-automatic.

Van Hool N.V. has integrated a by Valk Welding B.V. developed APG (Automatic Program Generator) toolkit in their CAD system which automatically processes the robot positions, torch position, torch angle, as well as welding parameters into a complete robotic welding program directly ready to use. Because of this profound automation, company Van Hool N.V. is able to weld complete trailer chassis and parts into extreme small series (single part production) and therefore they make a big difference with the rest of this heavily competitive market on a day to day basis.

Van Hool N.V., which is known as one of the first users of arc welding robots in Belgium (in 1980 the first arc welding robot was taken into production) has ordered these new robotic welding installations at Valk Welding due to the successful implementation of several installations in the last 6 years. Besides, the programming time of the new installations is zero, since all programs of the already existing robots are being transferred one on one through the Panasonic DTPS offline programming system using calibrated robot systems from Valk Welding.

Not only the extensive way of automation, which was achieved together with Valk Welding B.V., was reason for these orders. Also the liability of the applied Panasonic welding robot in the before delivered systems by Valk Welding, combined with correct and quick service and support, were reason for Mr. Daniƫl Kemp and his production managers of the industrial vehicles department to decide to order robots again from Valk Welding. Delivery of the first new welding robot is already in process, the larger installation for the chassis will take place beginning of January 2014.

Expected implementation time of these robot systems will take only a few days after delivery at Van Hool N.V.