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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Valk Welding France Atlantique opens in Western France

The official opening of Valk Welding France Atlantique on 15 May means that Valk Welding has now extended its activities to Western France. Under this name Valk Welding in Saint-Nazaire, with four French-speaking specialists, will be actively entering the market in the western region of France with demos, sales and service for welding robots and the sale of welding accessories. The welding accessories of Valk Welding are kept in Saint-Nazaire, where a number of welding robot systems are permanently set up for demonstrations of both Panasonic and Fanuc robots.

Valk Welding has already been selling and installing welding robot systems in the north of France for a number of years. Valk Welding has now delivered more than sixty welding robot systems to local French companies in that area, as well as to international companies including Bosal, Thule, CNH, Dhollandia and Mecanorem. Valk Welding is setting out to increase its sales of welding robot systems in France by working in close partnership with local specialists.


The official opening was conducted by Remco H. Valk (CEO Valk Welding Group), Michel Devos (sales manager Valk Welding France) and Olivier Moyon, Romuald Thomère, Etienne Menard, partners Valk Welding France Atlantique.