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Valk Welding, Netherlands - IFR-Partner

Plasmacutting robot for the structural steel industry

The Dutch manufacturer of production systems for the structural steel industry, Voortman Automation, introduced a brand new plasma beam coping system V808M on the EuroBlech in Hannover.

Voortman plasma cutting

Voortman uses a plasmacutting robot from Valk Welding in their beam coping system V808M.

The revolutionary V808M fully automatic coping system not only copes profiles using plasma, but is now also capable of applying marking layout lines and information to all four sides of a profile. Manually marking off positions, for example, connection plates with this system are a thing of the past. This results in huge cost savings on labor, better accuracy and higher error free. The fitter / welder now knows the exact position of each connection plate. This provides a cost saving of at least 1 man-hour per ton of steel. An average construction company which processes on 3000 tons of steel per year, saves over 2 full man-years because of this. The huge savings that a company will gain means the purchase of this system can pay for itself in a short time.


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