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Valk Welding, Netherlands

Faymonville installs manual welding machines

The company Faymonville, the Benelux region's biggest manufacturer of semi-trailers for special transport, has equipped all of its production units with Panasonic manual welding power sources. Valk Welding has supplied the company with 250 manual welding machines over the past two years.


Faymonville uses these manual welding power sources to completely weld heavy structural sections with lengths up to 18 metres. The manual welding stations at Faymonville are also equipped with Wire Wizard welding wire feed systems in order to smoothly bridge the distance between the welding power source and the wire drive unit, which in some cases exceeds a length of 12 metres.

Faymonville has entered into a service contract with Valk Welding, under which a unit price per year is paid for service and maintenance and the replacement of components. This service contract has been taken out for a 10-year period, after which it can be renewed for 2-year periods for each welding power source. This service contract makes it possible for Faymonville to schedule the maintenance and overhaul costs for all of the organisation's welding equipment. Faymonville employs some 640 people. Faymonville is now also using 4 welding robot systems.


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