Members press release

TAIROA former ROBOAT, Taiwan - IFR Industry Association

Taiwanese Robotics and Automation Associations merged

September 2011

ROBOAT (Robotics Association Taiwan) and TSMEA (Taiwan Society of Manufacture Engineering and Automation Technology) are now officially operating as TAIROA (Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association). This combination unites two highly influential industry associations in Taiwan, ROBOAT in the robotics industry, and TSMEA in the automation industry.

TAIROA integrates the strength and power of the professional knowledge from manufacture engineering, automation technology, precision machinery, molds, communication, semiconductor, image display, material, information, electrical & electronics, medical, education and service industries. In order to speed up the development of intelligent automation industry in Taiwan, TAIROA aims to act as a platform to bridge gap in technology as well as facilitating cooperation between international associations.