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Stäubli, France - IFR-Partner

Stäubli presents its new high-speed SCARA TS80 robot

Stäubli TS80 robot Ultra fast 4-axis robot by Stäubli

Stäubli has long been the choice for robots with the highest performance and shortest cycle times by end-users and integrators. Stäubli has now introduced an ultra-fast and precise 4-axis robot series with speed ranging up to 100 picks per minute. With over 100 picks per minute, the high performance of the TS80 is predestined for a wide range of applications where speed is coupled with precision.

Besides applications in the solar industry, the Stäubli TS80 is ideally suited for applications in the automotive, plastics, electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Typical applications include assembly, handling, packaging, and machine tending. The new high-speed TS80 SCARA features a new innovative design representing the next generation in SCARA robots. Now in the final stage of development, the three models with the names TS40, TS60, and TS80 have ranges of 400, 600, and 800 millimeters.

Stäubli TS80 robotIt is clear this generation is one of the fastest robots in its class. The TS80 not only has the shortest cycle time, it also meets the Stäubli standard for high precision. The repeatability of the 55kg TS80 is an impressive +/-0.01 mm. The nominal payload is 2 kg, maximum is 8 kg. Depending on the application requirements, two different versions with 200 or 400 mm stroke are available. The TS80's conventional design is available in a floor or wall mount. In addition, the TS series are available in different configurations including cleanroom class 6 standards as well as an IP54 protection class for use in harsh conditions making them ideal for real-world industrial conditions.

Manfred Hübschmann - Worldwide Director of Sales - Stäubli Robotics said "The new TS80 high speed SCARA can handle almost any application quickly and economically. The robot has a reach of 800 mm yet handles difficult tasks in the Photovoltaic industry that previously required delta kinematics".

Absolute positioning

Standard on the TS80 is a measurement system designed for quick reorientation of the robot allowing it to always know its exact position. The TS80 SCARA robot utilizes the well-known CS8C control platform which is commonly used on all Stäubli robots in recent years. Stäubli has developed its own VAL3 language for easy programming featuring an openness to provide the user with endless possibilities. Vision systems with serial or Ethernet interface to the controller may be connected as well.