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Schunk, Germany - IFR Partner

Sensitive gripper with integrated Web Server

July 2011

With the WSG 50, SCHUNK is now able to offer a sensitive gripper that can be controlled via Ethernet TCP/IP in addition to Profibus DP. It also has an integrated Web server for configuration and diagnostics that makes programming, putting it into operation, remote maintenance, and updating, simple. The two communication protocols and the integrated control and regulation electronics ensure maximum flexibility when integrated into higher-order systems. The gripper is equipped with an internal MicroSD card for saving programs and documents. 

Sensors are integrated in the gripper jaws which enable the WSG 50 gripper to measure the forces that occur during gripping. This feature makes it the ideal tool for handling sensitive samples in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, research facilities, and for measuring and testing applications. It can safely and reliably handle products that deviate significantly in terms of their sensitivity. The gripper fingers used are automatically identified and the corresponding parameters are selected. The WSG 50 gripper has a stroke of 110 mm and a variable gripping force between 1 and 120 N with a gripping speed of 850 mm/s.

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