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Modular Robotics - Efficient, Flexible and Affordable

LWA 3 modular light-weight arm

Components used for service robotics have to be light-weight, but also have to quickly move relatively heavy loads. The industry-prooven LWA 3 light-weight arm from SCHUNK combines both aspects. Its light, rigid design and its efficient drives currently makes it the most efficient modular light-weight arm on the international market. It disposes of a weight-payload ratio which is better than 2 : 1, is able to handle masses of up to 10 kg at full dynamics, and is equipped with a control unit and power supply. The modular arm can be configurated according to the specific application and thus perfectly adjusted to various tasks.

As a pioneer in modular robotics, the LWA 3 from SCHUNK further expands theSCHUNK's leadership of gripping systems. In the meantime the light-weight arm is successfully used for various applications: in assistant systems for severely disabled persons, lab applications , on platforms for defusing bombs as well as in service robots used in the household. Due to its high stiffness and precision, it achieves a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm and is also suitable for measuring and controlling tasks.

The LWA is copied from human beings, the arm has seven degress of freedom, and thus can move skillfully. If it is combined with the SCHUNK SDH-2 three-finger hand, seven further degrees of freedom can be added. Tactile sensors additionally provide for a sensitive and safe grip, making even ambitious gripping operations a success!

Its complete control electronics are integrated in the joint drive. Position, speed and torque can be flexibly adjusted. Thanks to the integrated intelligence, universal communication interfaces and a minimalist cable techology for data transmission and power supply, it can be integrated fast and easily to exisiting control concepts. Furthermore, the arm can be controlled by embedded PCs. With a low design and programming effort, even complex systems can be mastered. In order to minimize energy consumption and to increase safety of human beings, the arm can be powered with a 24 V DC power supply. Due to its light, rigid design, it is extremely energy-efficient, a fact that helps in the case of mobile applications during long operating times.

Power, CanBus- and sensor cables of the LWA 3 are optimally protected by the quill drive inside the arm. Switching outputs for electronic distance sensor technology, pluggable standard mountings for various gripping systems, an optional energy supply with batteries and its modular design make the light-weight arm an efficient, flexible and affordable system.


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