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Third SCHUNK Expert Days Service Robotics

On February 24 and 25, 2010, professionals from all over the world met at the third Expert Days on Service Robotics at SCHUNK in Lauffen, Germany, the technology leader in gripping and workholding. This world-wide symposium is considered to be the leading communication platform for applied service robotics. This is due to top-class attendees, which SCHUNK invites every year for this event, and the high dynamics involved by the topic itself. From a small group of thoughtleaders in robotics, an interdisciplinary global network developed, which is preparing the future for robots as a flexible aid in industrial and domestic environments .

Schunk Expert DaysThis year, attendees from 22 international companies, research institutes and universities focused on the issues safety, standardization and European initiatives. Moreover, current research studies on "gripping", "mobile manipulation" and "modular robotics" were presented. An accompagnying exhibition showcased current projects, such as the service robot "FRIEND." This is from the research project "AMaRob", which will help disabled humans live independently. The mobile robot platform Scitos, which can freely move and interact with humans.


Communication platform with well-known experts

Among the attendees were the Italian specialist on service robotics, Prof. Bruno Siciliano of the University of Napels and Prof. Antonio Bicchi of the University of Pisa. Eric Berger of the United States service robotics company Willow Garage and Prof. Markus Schwarz of the University of Heidelberg, who uses service robotics in the orthopedic and traumasurgery also attended the conference. The symposium was moderated by Prof. Dr. Henrik I. Christensen, "KUKA Chair of Robotics" at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, as well as Martin Hägele, the Head of the Department robot systems at the Frauenhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Germany.

One observation from the forum was that service robotics are now entering the state of practical applications. This has  become more  noticeable by the increasing numbers of companies, who have discovered service robotics as a future fieldstudy. The intensive exchange of experience between the participants was obvious, but the lectures given all had top ranking. It is quite evident that all the participants pursue the same goal: They want to develop and market need-oriented applications in service robotics.


LWA 3 modular light-weight arm

Global network

In the meantime, some international networks developed from the Expert Days, which exchange knowledge and experiences, and commonly initiate future-orientated projects. From this SCHUNK offers a unique platform. As a pioneer in modular robotics, SCHUNK, the competence leader accompanied the development of service robotics right from the beginning. With its industrial proven mechatronic modules and sophisticated multi-joint grippers, SCHUNK offers a unique molduar system for various applications in service robotics. For example, the LWA 3, is currently the modular light-weight arm with the highest power density on the global market. In almost 100 co-operations with universities, research institutes and highly specialized companies, SCHUNK also advances the development of this future technology.


For further information on the Expert Days, as well as the individual lectures of the third symposium for applied service robotics, please visit our website www.schunk.com. The fourth Expert Days Service Robotics is planned for February 23 - 24, 2011.


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