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Audit procedure of RAB Robotics Safety Mark almost finished!

RAB MarkSince the formation of the Robotics Association Benelux (RAB) in September 2007, a lot of effort has been put in brand awareness, expansion of members and sponsors, the organisation of the highly successful Robot Safety Seminar 2008 and the development of the RAB Robotics Safety Mark. The latter is considered as one of the main pillars for members of the RAB: with the RAB Robotics Safety Mark, the RAB members can actually show to the market that their business will satisfy the strict requirements regarding safety.

In the 4th quarter of 2008 the Technical Commission of RAB has  - together with an independent safety advisor - developed an audit procedure. In this procedure the European Regulations will be checked by an independent safety advisor (not a RAB member).

To guarantee the independence of the audit procedure, the right to use the RAB Robotics Safety Mark will be granted by a separate foundation: foundation RAB Robotics Safety Mark. In this perspective, a non-RAB member will also have the ability to apply for an audit procedure and gain the RAB Robotics Safety Mark.

One thing is for sure: to become and maintain a member of RAB, one has to gain the RAB Robotics Safety Mark, no exceptions!

The RAB board has already formal approved the audit procedure. In the 2nd quarter the first audits will be executed. In the 3rd quarter (15th October) the first RAB Robotics Safety Marks will be festal awarded at the Robot Safety Seminar 2009 event!


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