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Reis Robotics, Germany - IFR-Partner

More quality in mold construction - spotting presses from Reis Robotics

December 2013

Reis scores points again in the Hessian center for model builders and toolmakers.

Metal processing companies have a long history in central Hesse. Therefore, we have a renowned center here for mold and toolmakers. In order to meet highest quality requirements, the most successful companies use spotting presses in this field. With these presses, the molds in the true sense of the word get the finishing touch for optimum fit and tightness.

At the time being Reis Robotics received another order from central Hesse for one of the biggest spotting presses. The order was placed for the biggest model, a TUS 400 with 400 t pressure force.

With a clamping platen size of 4 m x 3 m, an overall height of 9,25 m, and a machine weight of 130 t, the TUS 400 is suitable for molds and dies up to a weight of 100 t. The dimensions of the system are revealed by the fact that four trucks, partly special transporters, are required for taking the machine to the spot. The installation will be made in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

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