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Panasonic, Germany - IFR-Partner

The Panasonic welding robot TM Series - A new unique generation of robots

September 2013

Panasonic Robot and Welding Systems Europe presents the TM Welding Robot Series, this being the all new and unique generation of robots. The TM welding robots have been developed to combine the benefits of the current TA and TB Series. Therefore customers have the possibility to decide freely whether to use an externally or internally mounted torch cable to match requirements of their applications. Additionally the robot series benefit from a highly rigid arm structure and an improved and efficient servo motor, which provides an enhanced harmonious movement for the positioning of the welding torch.

With an all new high resolution encoder working in combination with the highly rigid arm the TM robots provide 16 times* improved path accuracy and a 22%* increase in speed of the main axis, dramatically reducing the cycle time in many areas. (* When compared to the TA Series)

      (External Version of the TM Series)                  (Internal Version of the TM Series)

With the "External Version" the externally mounted wire feeder cable has a softer curve to ensure a minimal friction at the wire feeder. With regard to torsion this solution offers the ideal conditions.

The "Internal Version", with central hollow shaft routing and installation of the cable assembly parallel to the arm of the robot, minimizes the effects of mass inertia and possible interference from the movements of the cable assembly. Additionally the cable assembly including hoses and cables will be perfectly protected, ensuring ideal conditions in the working area during the welding inside jigs or fixtures with difficult access. It therefore is not necessary to check constantly the position of the cable assembly during the programming process.

The completely reworked torch safety holder with integrated safety shutdown ensures a constant centre of the tool even under extreme cable assembly movements. The possibility to locate the wire feeding conduit through the centre of the robot base and stand, optimizes the wire feeding route within the welding cell. As a result of this the bend of the wire feeding conduit during fast robot movements is reduced significantly. By removing the unnecessary movements of the wire conduit cable Panasonic achieve an even more stable wire feeding status with further improved welding quality.

Improvements in the production quality control can be achieved by utilising the quick check torch setting. This is a pre-set integrated testing position at the TM robot base. By requesting the testing position at the robot control panel the robot moves the torch into the fixed datum test position. The operator can visually control the status and correct it if necessary.


(Testing position at the TM Robot)

With the welding robots of the TM Series Panasonic succeeded to adapt the increased demands of customers by increasing productivity and simultaneously reducing production costs with improved welding quality.