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Panasonic, Germany - IFR-Partner

The new TAWERS Zi-Tech process - the solution for welding of zinc coated steel

December 2012

With the TAWERS Zi-Tech process Panasonic Robot and Welding Systems Europe is proud to present the latest function of its TAWERS technology (welding robot systems with integrated power source). The new Zi-Tech process allows low-spatter welding of zinc coated work pieces with the TAWERS WG3 welding robots.

Therefore two variants of Zi-Tech are available:

  1. Zi-Tech HD-Pulse
  2. Zi-Tech Active Wire

With the Zi-Tech HD-Pulse zinc coated steel can be low-spatter welded with mixed gas. In compare to the normal CO2 welding it's possible to achieve a spatter reduction of up to 63%.

The Zi-Tech Active Wire technology allows a further spatter reduction of up to 81% by using CO2 as shielding gas in compare to normal CO2 welding.