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Friendly Series - Highly efficient arc welding robot for thick plates

March 2013

DAIHEN Corporation has proudly announced "a highly efficient arc welding robot for thick plates" that realizes highly efficient thick plate welding by easy operation. This robot was developed for thick-plate welding such as construction machines, construction steels, vehicles, bridges, and more, due to easy-to-use functions.

Main features of the new product

1. This is a welding robot that realizes highly efficient welding in thick-plate welding which requiring a high operating current and a high duty cycle.

  • "FD-B15", the new built-in cable type robot which equips a welding torch and a welding power cable that is designed for an operating current of 500 A and a duty cycle of 100%, has been pushed into market.
    This robot can realize high efficient welding easily combined with  a welding power supply on a high operating current and a high duty cycle (operating current: 500 A, duty cycle: 100%), so it can contribute to automation in the thick-plate welding.
  • With "FD-B15", the cables around the hands of the robot do not interfere against the workpieces and jigs, so it can always make a smooth approach and optimal torch posture even when it works around the inner sides of a structure with many limited spaces (It is very common in thick-plate welding systems).

2. Standard Components

  • FD-B15: 15 kg transportable robot with built-in cables
  • FD11: Robot controller
  • RTWH5000H: Water-cooling type torch with a operating current of 500 A and a duty cycle of 100%

3. FD-B15, a new robot arm for greater welding efficiency

  • The welding power cable is built in the robot arm.
    The welding power cable and the water-cooling hose for torch cooling are built inside of the robot arm.
    Compared with standard robots, cables has less interference with other workpieces and jigs, so it can keep the optimal welding torch posture with minimized cable interference.
  • Max. payload capacity: 15 kg
    The robot has max. payload capacity 15 kg (largest payload in  built-in cables models in a market) and is as four times large as that of the conventional type (compared to our standard type).
    The scope of application will grow to a tandem torch, tool changers and so on that used to be difficult for conventional robots with built-in cables.
  • Best for hanging
    The robot arm gets slim, so when it is hung, its working range can be wider than that of the standard robots with built-in cables.
    The robot is best fit for hanging mount that is popular in the large thick plate structure welding system where robot is approaching from the upper side.

4. Functions of FD11 useful in thick-plate welding "multi-pass welding function"

In the multi-pass welding, it is necessary to set many parameters, so it takes a lot of time to teach and adjust parameters. The "multi-pass welding function" is a function to reduce teaching and adjusting time and welding failures drastically.

  • Automatic creation of multi-path
    The only thing you need to do is to set the welding conditions for the first layer. Then, the welding conditions for the subsequent layers will be automatically generated. This drastically reduces the time needed for setting welding conditions.
  • "Easy-to-see" List of welding conditions
    Various setting parameters for multi-pass welding, such as welding conditions and weaving conditions, are displayed in a list in an easy-to-see way. You do not need to use a PC for setting, so you can set all parameters from the teaching pendant screen of FD11.
  • Shift position of welding start & end
    You can specify the welding length for each layer. Also, it is very easy to pad bead ends in a staircase pattern. This function will be useful for preventing bead sagging from the ends.
  • Welding start from a different position
    You can set a different welding start position for each layer to start arcing. This function will improve the welding start success rate by avoiding sections with slag.

                     Multi-pass welding function
        - "Easy-to-see" List of welding conditions -

5. RTWH5000H: Welding torch with a high operating current and a high duty cycle

  • Current: 500 A, Rated duty cycle : 100%
    This torch adopts a direct water cooling system which can directly cool the nozzle of the torch.
    This torch has a higher duty cycle than standard water cooling torches do, thus enabling continuous welding with a large current required for thick-plate welding.