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Kawasaki Robot, Germany - IFR-Partner

SLC Depalletizing

Special gripperOne core problem in connection with the automation of depalletizing processes is the safe detection of the objects of various shapes, sizes and surfaces as well as of different positions and alignments. The exhibited system comprises a Kawasaki industrial robot with a special gripper system for all SLCs (Small Load Carriers) which is equipped with a laser measuring system for position detection and a sensor monitored tolerance compensation for height differences. Using a so-called recognition cycle, the top layer of the loaded pallet is permanently scanned.

From the acquired data, a three dimensional surface profile is calculated and transmitted to an object recognition. Following the transmission of the values, the position detection cycle is completed and the gripper system may depalletize the products from the pallets provided. Before the gripper moves on to the next SLC to be picked up the robot receives all data required for continuing the operating sequence.

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