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IPA, Germany - IFR-R&D Institute

50 Years Fraunhofer IPA

According to the slogan "We produce future" the Fraunhofer Institute Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA celebrates its 50th anniversary from July 1st to July 3rd.
 Along with numerous events the public is invited to high ranking lectures and exciting exhibitions. For the official ceremonial act celebrities from politics, industry and the research community have announced their participation.

Baden-Württemberg's Minister President Oettinger, Fraunhofer President Prof. Bullinger, Dr. Geißinger, President and CEO of INA-Schaeffler and many other VIPs will honor Fraunhofer IPA with their presence on the celebration of its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1959, IPA was integrated into the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in 1971. Within the 57 institutes of the renowned research society which is celebrating its 60th birthday in 2009, Fraunhofer IPA is one of the largest institutes. With a staff of 200 scientists, the annual budget sums up to 35.8 Million Euros, fifty percent thereof deriving from industry projects.

The Fraunhofer Institute Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA focuses on research and development of organizational and technological tasks especially from the area of industrial production.

14 operating departments work in the fields of corporate management, surface technology and automation. R&D projects aim at identifying and specifically implementing automation and rationalization potential in enterprises, in order to make products and production processes better, cheaper and more sustainable. Thus competitiveness of enterprises is enhanced and the job situation is improved.



The Programme in a Nutshell

Festive Opening

July, 1st 2009, starting 1 pm

Fraunhofer Institutes Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Nobelstrasse 12

The directors of the institutes, Prof. Westkämper and Prof. Verl open the festivity. From 5 pm to 6 pm selected projects and research results are presented in the laboratories. In the evening their will be a formal festive act for invited guests only.

Industry Day

July, 2nd 2009, 9 am - 6 pm
Fraunhofer Institutes Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Nobelstrasse 12

IPA scientists will present their latest research projects in all test areas and laboratories. Brief lectures will be held on latest scientific results and initial projects, especially started on occasion of the anniversary. At the same time the department of ultraclean technology micro manufacturing commemorates its 25th anniversary in a separate celebration from 3 pm to 6 pm.

The topics of the brief lectures will be from the following fields

  • Digital Factory
  • Product and Quality Management
  • Factory Planning and Production Optimization
  • Corporate Logistics and Order Management
  • Remanufacturing
  • Robot Systems
  • Orthopedics and Motion Systems
  • Production and Process Automation
  • Ultraclean Technology and Micro Manufacturing
  • Technical Information Processing
  • Control Systems
  • Coating Technology
  • Process Engineering of Functional Materials
  • Plating Technology


July 3rd 2009, 9 am - 6 pm

Fraunhofer Institutes Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Nobelstrasse 12

On that day we open our laboratories for the public. Also the other Fraunhofer Institutes on campus will show selected exhibits. In the evening the festivities will be closed with a IPA family party.


July 1st - July 3rd 2009, 2 pm - 6 pm

Fraunhofer Institutes Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Nobelstrasse 12

On the occasion of this year's 60th birthday of the Fraunhofer Society an exhibition truck will tour Germany. Visitors can experience which innovations will be part of our everyday life within the next years. For instance a swallowed mini camera will enable the examination of a model of the human body. Other exhibits show, how the city of the future can be supplied sustainably or how mobile phones can be electrically charged through body heat.

On the institute's anniversary the Fraunhofer Truck will make a stop in Stuttgart. Fraunhofer IPA is represented with an entertainment robot. It is able to welcome visitors, to guide tours and to present new products. It also invites customers to visit your showroom virtually on its sceen. The basic version is fully mobile, equipped with a 12" touch screen and upgradable: with an audio system, light effects, special designs, a movable head with web cam and touchscreen, two arms with hands and additional axels.


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