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GÜDEL, Switzerland - IFR-Partner

CLAAS Automation Becomes Part of GÜDEL Group AG

CLAAS Automation in Nördlingen, Germany, a subsidiary of CLAAS Fertigungstechnik based in Beelen, Germany, has been acquired by GÜDEL Group AG. The Swiss company, headquartered in Langenthal (Region Bern), has taken ownership of the German high tech firm retroactively as of October 1. CLAAS Automation employs a workforce of 50.

Factory AutomationGÜDEL is a leading manufacturer of production technology and automation systems and employs 700 staff. The globally active company has gathered great experience and expertise in developing and building large projects for the automotive industry. According to CEO Rudolf Güdel, CLAAS Automation is a perfect fit for the Swiss company's product portfolio and will therefore continue to operate from its base in Nördlingen.

CLAAS Automation are experts for turnkey automation solutions required, for example, to run the production lines of global car manufacturers. Specialists from Nördlingen have focused on tailor-made engineering projects for customers from around the globe. GÜDEL Group offers automation systems of an equally high standard and in addition possesses a global distribution network for these systems.

CLAAS Automation was previously a subsidiary of CLAAS Fertigungstechnik GmbH (CFT), which is in turn part of the CLAAS Group. CFT specialises in production systems and tools for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Both CLAAS and GÜDEL are family-run companies with long-term goals and a positve outlook in their respective markets. From the beginning, negotiations between the industrial partners were held in this spirit and were concluded swiftly and to mutual satisfaction.


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