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FANUC delivers robots for the largest order yet for JL Sweden AB

June 2013

The customer, Trioplast AB in SmĂĄlandsstenar (Sweden), manufactures and markets stretch film, agricultural film and recycled products for the European market. To become more competitive and cost efficient, the company invest SEK 250 million in new machinery and automation. The investment means big business to JL Sweden AB. "Our plan is to deliver the first construction in September 2013 and be completed by 2015", Johan Lindvall says.

Robots with excellence

The automation covers the entire production line including robots as well as machinery for bobbin handling, packaging and palletizing, to name a few parts in the production process. Built-in vision systems for all robots make this solution to a leading-edge product. The progress of automation and robots are of great importance to JL Sweden AB. Automation is a must. "There is no other way to go", Johan Lindvall says. "Some industrial work tasks are monotonous, heavy and dangerous to health. Those tasks have to be automated."

CEO Johan Lindvall emphasizes how the technical models and solutions that characterize the FANUC products contribute to a solution for automation that meets capacity and safety requirements from the customer. Johan Lindvall has cooperated with FANUC Nordic for two years and he believes that the company will grow strongly in Sweden.

Quality and safety

To meet the quality requirements of the automation, several variables need to be fulfilled. First of all, the robots should be able to keep the capacity requirements from the customer.

"Robots are no Formula 1-cars", Johan Lindvall says, "but the speed needs to correspond to the capacity requirements. There shouldn´t be any unwanted production stop. The accessibility should be high."

Another important variable for quality is the reliability of the product development. JL Sweden AB has a well-developed concept of controlling and monitoring robots. With a user-friendly focus the automation will also be easy to operate. Safety machinery is always at the center for JL Sweden AB. The automation must be designed to protect from human mistakes and machine failures. Johan Lindvall says that one of the points in common with Trioplast AB is that they use the CE marking-tool CEDOC.

CEDOC is developed by JL Sweden AB. It is based on CE-experience from various industries and is used by more than 250 companies. That is why the tool is of outmost importance for quality and safety assurance.

Overall solution

All of the automation platforms will be constructed and tested in Skara the headquarters of JL Sweden AB, until delivery. Trioplast AB will be involved in the testing. With an education in robots included in the offer JL Sweden AB will make sure that the customer gets an entire solution that fulfills requirements of capacity as well as quality and safety. An agreement of service is included for all automation.

Each business offer from JL Sweden AB is discussed within an especially constructed group, called the pessimist group. "If the pessimist group doesn't believe that we can guarantee the customer needs, we will not take up business", Johan Lindvall says. This way each business offer is very precise in both great and little things. The preciseness is one of the strengths in the overall solutions from JL Sweden AB.

Confidence makes the deal

CEO Johan Lindvall tells that it has been a long way to a final business agreement with Trioplast AB. Occasional discussions started during the fall 2011. The conversations grew to an intense collaboration of a solution for the automation. The discussions continued until the end of 2012.

The business agreement with Trioplast AB is not decided by the price. Johan Lindvall points out that in the end, it is all about confidence. The confidence from the customer is a driving force in this business agreement.

This time the confidence from the customer led to the largest order ever for JL Sweden AB.  The order ensures that the company will be busy the years to come. JL Sweden AB is the leading robot supplier in Sweden and the order will enhance the position and make the company grow. FANUC Robotics Nordic got their largest order in Sweden - so far.

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