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Japanese robots take Denmark

June 2013

The multinational company FANUC has located their new office in bright and open premises in the heart of Denmark - more accurate in Forskerparken in Odense.

  • FANUC has 28 subsidiaries around Europe and our new office in Odense is a part of our strategy for the Nordic countries. Odense is an important steppingstone in our growth plan for the Nordic Market and our office here enables us to even better assist the needs of our Danish clients. Forskerparken in Odense offers a central location, an innovative environment and a number of strong business partners as for example Developing Fyn. We look forward to building even stronger relationship to our partners in Denmark and beyond, says General Manager of FANUC Nordic, Bob Struijk.

The CEO at Developing Fyn, Mads Graves Larsen, is glad to welcome FANUC:

  • FANUCs arrival strengthens the robot technology cluster at Fyn and in Denmark. FANUC is one of the strongest players in their field and they can create more jobs, maintain the best brains and boost the innovation in our area. On the other hand we can provide highly specialized local integrators and thereby ensure that FANUC gets access to valuable networks. It is a win win situation.

Global market leader

FANUC is among the largest producers of industrial robot technology on the global market; is ranked 165th largest company in the world (Financial Times, 2012 Global 500) and is among the most profitable companies in Japan. They operate in five continents in more than 22 countries through joint ventures, subsidiaries and sales offices. In Odense, FANUC starts with 4 employees, a number that General Manager Bob Struijk expects to rise to 8 in 2014. 

FANUC already collaborates with several Danish companies for instance Gibotech A/S which provides, installs and services FANUC products for the Danish industry. Gibotech A/S played a significant role in attracting FANUC to Odense. 

  • We have had a close relation to FANUC for a long time, says Henrik Anker, CEO at Gibotech and continues:
  • To get one of our main suppliers as our neighbor will definitely make our cooperation more smooth and thus our customer service even better.

The celebration

The opening is celebrated at an event at Forskerparken 10,  5230 Odense M, on Wednesday June 19th (13:00) where invited guests and the press can hear the introductory speech of the Mayor of Odense, Mr. Anker Boye, as well as hearing what is coming up for FANUC in the near future. There will also be a visit to FANUCs new Danish office and some time to meet and greet.

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