Members press release

Denmark: Danish Technological Institute - IFR R&D Institute

The Innovation Consortium - DeliGrip

Last week the Danish Technological Institute, the Centre for Robot Technology, submitted an application regarding funding of a new and exciting innovation consortium: DeliGrip.

The purpose with DeliGrip is to develop future gripping robots to flexible food handling. Today, the number of robots in the food industry is very low compared to robots in other industries, due to, among other things, that food is often more difficult to handle for a robot. The DeliGrip consortium is thus very relevant and important, as the focus is on developing new models for controlling robots that are able to handle food - both simple but also complicated subjects that are soft, elastic, slippery and delicate.

The innovation consortium will be focusing on the development of flexible grippers that are able to control and adjust the gripping method and pressure to the specific subject by the use of both sensor- and vision technology. The purpose is to secure increased flexibility and competitiveness within the food industry and it will also be an innovative step in the development of robots able to handle objects of unknown condition.

Besides Danish Technological Institute - the Centre for Robot Technology, the consortium consists of the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, Attec, Bila, EGATEC, Trivision, Unisensor, Defco, Rose Poulty and Tican and the consortium hereby represents a very competent and strong cluster of companies.   http://www.dti.dk/specialists/23617?cms.query=robot