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Danish Remote Handling skills - now consolidated in BSS

The smooth operation of the ITER machine relies very much on the Remote Handling System. Here, one of the 440 Blanket Modules is being exchanged. Copyright ITERDecember 2011

The Danish Big Science Secretariat (BSS) assists Danish companies to exploit the opportunities regarding major European tenders on international scientific installations. The technologies in demand are diverse and rangesfrom green tech and buildings through project management to electronics and robot technology. Through a targeted effort in recent years, Denmark has accomplished considerable advances in robot technology in particular. The knowledgepossessed by Danish companies may prove essential to projects where Remote Handling is necessary e.g. like radioactive environments.

The Danish competence group on Remote Handling is a part of the BSS, and is working intensely on getting more Danish companies positionedfor major tenders. Projects like International Collaboration for a New Source of Energy CERN, the fusion energy experiment ITER, and the European Spallation Source (ESS) are examples on infrastructure projects demanding robot technology. The competence group for Remote Handling arranges matchmaking and improvements of skills of the companies in the group. At the moment 24 companies have joined the group and more will follow.

By mapping the skills of the companies in the field, the competence group ensures that Danish companies are visible when potential prime contractors and subcontractors meet in preparation for business with major projects like ITER. Thiswas the case on the 7 to 8 of December 2011 when the ITER Business Forum was held. At conferences like this the competence group ensures that the Danish companies are represented and visible. This is done by establishing personal contact to potential partners, as well prime as subcontractors.

The competence group also establishes contact to foreign partners like the planned visit to the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) with the purpose of matching Danish companies with Finnish ones. During their trip to Finland the group will visit the Finnish Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. Before the trip to Finland the group will visit thelast Danish nuclear fission reactor DR3 located at Risø. The reactor has been taken out of service and is due for decommissioning. The visit to Risø will focus on the dismantlement of the reactor DR3. The knowledge and contacts that the competence group acquires through its activities, will strengthen the Danish companies in the competition to position themselves as subcontractors on major projects like ITER, ESS etc.. It will also position Danish companies fordecommissioning, repairs and clean up tasks in hostile environments like nuclear power plants, the chemical industry and in space.

For further information about the Remote Handling competence group, please contact Jens Fynbo by email at: jef@dti.dk, or BSS in general, please contact Juliette Forneris by email at:jufo@risoe.dtu.dk.



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