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DTI to host European robotics event next year

June 2011

"European Robotics Forum will take place in Odense in 2012. We have applied and won the competition. We expect at least 350 foreign participants and 200-300 Danish," Head of Centre Claus Risager explains.

The participants will be a mix of scientists, companies and the European Commission's robotics officials. European Robotics Forum 2012 will take place from 5 to 7 March 2012.

"It is an honour for us to host Europe's biggest robotics event. We are very satisfied and have already now started to prepare the event," Claus Risager says.  

DTI was given the host task at European Robotics Forum 2011 which was held in Västerås in Sweden.

European Robotics Forum 2012 is an example of DTI's strategic work to internationalize the Centre and its activities. DTI does so by attracting foreign robot scientists to the Centre, by participating in international projects, by exchanging employees and Ph.D. students to stays at foreign companies and research institutes, and in the long run to open DTI offices abroad.

Another internationalizing activity is staging international robotics events such as European Robotics Forum, which underlines that the city of Odense and the Island of Funen ("Fyn" in Danish) is the home of the Danish robotics community. DTI hopes and expects to stage more European robotics events of this kind for the years to come.

The employees at DTI Centre for Robot Technology hope to see you at European Robotics Forum 2012 in Odense.

Please read more about the DTI bid in the application here (uploaded PDF 3 MB)


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