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Three Danish robot networks join forces

Why stand alone and compete when we are stronger together?

The answer lies in the question and the three Danish network for users and developers of industrial robots, Danish Industrial Robot Association DIRA, UserNet and SupplyNet, has therefore decided to join forces in the new 'DIRA - Danish Robot Network' which is Denmark's largest robot network.

"We are joining forces to be stronger and collectively strengthen Danish industry, so we continue to have production on Danish soil in the future. Together in one network instead of being three, we can be a stronger political voice and give the industry sector greater weight," says director at Gibotech and chairman of SupplyNet, Henrik Anker.

Claus Risager, Leif Dalum and Henrik Anker

Three of the main forces behind 'DIRA - Danish Robot Network'. Seen from left: Claus Risager from The DanishTechnological Institute's Centre for Robot Technology and UserNet, Leif Dalum from ProInvent and DIRA and Henrik Anker from Gibotech and SupplyNet. (Photo: Bruno Hansen, University of Southern Denmark)

Like all other businesses in relation to Danish industry the robot network members know that the industry sector is under pressure because of the overseas lure of lower costs and wages. The members of 'DIRA - Danish Robot Network' hope that they by standing together through politics and communication can affect the worrying development and ensure that Danish industry companies produce in Denmark in the future.

The development is also the focus of the AIM project, which The Danish Technological Institute's Centre for Robot Technology is project manager for, and involves 500 Danish production companies. Technological Institute's Centre for Robot Technology is now responsible for operating 'DIRA - Danish Robot Network'.

"We have a recipe for how we maintain and develop Danish industry and production jobs by investing strategically in knowledge-based high-tech robot automation of production plants. The idea is the focal point for some of the work in the new DIRA," says Claus Risager, centre manager at The Danish Technological Institute, which until now has run UserNet.

The new 'DIRA - Danish Robot Network' has about 250 members, but the aim is to become three times as many in short time.

"I look forward to working with the innovative branches of robotics. Automation of the textile industry is an example of a specific industry that can be automated more. Production draws developing jobs, so it is important for the Danish industry and society that we can keep production and innovation in this country," says chairman of the "old DIRA" and director at ProInvent, Leif Dalum.