Members press release

Danish Technological Institute, Denmark - IFR-R&D Institute

New innovation network to boost the Danish service sector

To bring public and private actors together on joint development of new technological solutions, and to use these technologies with the purpose of achieving positive effects on the public sector's productivity and quality. These are the goals of the new innovation network Service Innovation.

The network is among only seven networks, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation has chosen to support.

Danish Technological Institute's Centre for Robot Technology is part of this network, and its main task is to implement public-private innovation on the Centre's six focus areas:

  • Manufacturing & food industry
  • Energy & Climate
  • Edutainment
  • Land, forest and horticulture & gardening and fishing
  • Health & welfare
  • Architecture, design & intelligent building

"In this activity we will illustrate how public authorities and private companies in collaboration and partnership can develop and incorporate new solutions for public services. This is something we at the Danish Technological Institute have a massive experience within in practice through a series of projects," says Julie Christoffersen, Project Manager at the Danish Technological Institute's Centre for Robot Technology.

Beside the Danish Technological Institute the network consists of the following partners:

  • DEA
  • The Alexandra Institute
  • Agrotech
  • FORCE Technology
  • Aalborg University
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Roskilde University
  • Aarhus University