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Centre for Robot Technology expands in new building

Danish Technological Institute's Centre for Robot Technology is now one of Europe's leading innovators of robotics and is therefore having larger robot laboratories built in the science park Forskerparken in Odense as the base for the Centre's continuing expansion. The new building takes part in strengthening the Centre's ties to University of Southern Denmark, which is close by together with other of the Centre's partner companies.

Centre for Robot Technology has expanded rapidly the last year and now has 40 employees with more to come. The new building triples the Centre's working area for a robot laboratory, offices and much more.

"The robotics sector is a large and promising asset that draws jobs, capital and innovative knowledge to Odense. Danish Technological Institute has for many years been a central part of the city's robotic environment. The Centre's new building shows that the robot environment is still expanding and hopefully will continue to expand for many years and that Odense is in the forefront in this field," says Mayor of Odense Municipality Anker Boye.

The Centre's partners among companies, research institutions and other interest groups in Denmark and foreign countries will be encouraged to use the facilities in the robot for a unique collaboration between research, development and innovation.

The building supports the Danish Science Ministry's desire to link research institutions and GTS institutes - among them Danish Technological Institute - closer together to provide more research-based GTS service to Danish companies.

"Danish Technological Institute's investment in the new robotics lab for cooperation between companies, researchers and GTS experts is a prime example of the path we must go in Denmark to create more growth and higher productivity in our society. The core is the unique collaboration and access to technology, equipment and laboratories at a high international level," says Danish Science Minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.


The official opening of DTI's Robot Lab takes place on the 9th November 2010 from 2 pm to 5 pm at Forskerparken 10 in Odense.


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