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Dürr Systems, Germany - IFR-Partner

Dürr received major order from Renault in Morocco

Dürr Group is supporting the automotive manufacturer Renault in building a new plant for good value medium-sized cars. Dürr is to deliver the majority of the required paint systems to the site in Tangiers, Morocco by the end of 2011. The order was placed by Renault at the end of July 2009

Renault is establishing its largest African production site in Tangiers. The site is to initially manufacture two new car models, primarily aimed at worldwide export. Dürr is delivering two complete lines for applying primer and top coats. It is also supplying the robots for seam sealing and underbody and rocker panel coating. The painting lines are fully automated with robots, including the highly efficient paint atomizer EcoBell 2 ICC with integrated color changer. This innovative technology accelerates the switch from one color to another and also significantly reduces the amount of paint lost during this process.

The paintshop in Tangiers is set to be completed by the end of 2011, allowing Renault to start production at the beginning of 2012. Dürr is making the most of its international group network in carrying out the order, involving Dürr companies from Germany, China, France and Spain. Ralf Dieter, CEO of Dürr AG: "This order is further proof of the budding recovery in demand in the automotive sector and plays to several of Dürr's specific strengths: allowing us to apply our international experience in setting up plants in new markets as well as drawing on our expertise in developing customized technical solutions on a fixed budget. We are also able to deploy our leading-edge capabilities in energy-efficient painting processes with low CO2 emissions."


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