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Dürr, Germany - IFR-Partner

New Technologies from Dürr - Production Efficiency for the Customer's Advantage

June 2012

At the Dürr Open House from May 7th - 11th 2012, the business divisions presented in-novative technologies to industry professionals. Under the motto "Production Efficiency for Your Advantage", Dürr demonstrated new solutions in painting, gluing and automation technology.

Aspects such as the reduction of emissions and energy consumption, material savings and efficient use of space, flexibility, and efficiency in planning, process and maintenance from the Eco⊕Efficiency system are guidelines for Dürr's operations.

At the application technology and the paint and assembly part of the exhibition, products, technologies and solutions from this range of performance will be presented.

  • Swingarm Robot EcoRP L153 EcoBell3 atomizers for exterior and direct charging are convincing with their minimal color change loss and short color change times. The atomizer plays an essential role in today's painting process. The EcoBell3 offers many advantages and alternatives and not least, it makes significant contributions in dealing with energy and resources efficiently.
  • The new swing arm robot EcoRP L153 provides accessibility for small and large car bodieson a production line, thus increasing flexibility. At the exhibition, the robot is integrated into a fully-automatic station for interior and exterior painting in a painting zone (box concept).  The reduction of the zone length and a more flexible production are essential features of this concept.
  • The continuous development and improvement of the application technology products guarantee the highest quality, greatest flexibility and profitability during painting. In the future, the painting robot from Dürr will be available with a uniform robotic arm for all applications. The second generation of the color changer EcoLCC scores points with a new skid positioning system with servo drive and weight reduction through new valve technology. The robot control EcoRPC with a new generation of controllers saves up to 30% more energy and has a uniform bus system for motion and process with Sercos 3.
  • The seam sealant applicator EcoGun Sealing IDS with integrated dosing system reduces complexity and increases dynamics. The EcoGun Sealing IDS reduces material consumption with high dosing accuracy, improves seam quality through highly dynamic brush changing, and reduces maintenance effort through reduced complexity and high durability.
  • For all gluing requirements in the body-in-white and final assembly, Dürr offers advanced technologies and products. For example, during gluing in body shell construction, the required amount of glue is reduced by up to 30% with the new, patented, electrically controlled applicator. At the same time, the availability of the system increases, and the cycle time is reduced by higher robot speeds.
  • For systems and automation Dürr presented the compact, modular paint booth concept, EcoReBooth. This is based on the proven EcoDryScrubber technology for dry separation of paint overspray, which saves 60% of the energy required in the paint booth. New with EcoReBooth is the integrated, powerful ventilation system lo-cated within the cabin cross-section, making the system highly compact. Other benefits include rapid installation through construction with pre-assembled modules, and the fact that all maintenance-related components are situated on one level. The flexible cabin width should also be highlighted, as it is individually adaptable to the customer's setting. This newly designed paint booth reduces the space required, the complexity, the number of filter modules, as well as the consumption of media ? and thus ultimately the costs.
  • Dürr offers a new perspective for sustainable painting with alternative concepts for the production of industrial process heating. Dürr utilizes solar energy for the Eco⊕Paintshop, which reduces energy and material consumption as well as emissions. Low maintenance and compact Fresnel collectors are used, which concentrate sunlight and thus function very efficiently. While conventional collectors produce process heat of only 80° C, Dürr achieves temperatures of up to 400° C with these high-performance collectors. This way Dürr can heat ovens whose operation requires temperatures up to 220° C. This pioneering step of energy independence is topped off with the use of combined heat and power. With it electricity is produced via a low-emission combustion process in a micro gas turbine, whose waste heat is used to heat the oven. Both technologies result in significantly lower CO2 emissions and conserve non-renewable energy sources.
  • Dürr also supports the introduction of new drive and mobility con-cepts with innovative automation solutions. For their customer, Better Place, Dürr has manufactured automatic battery exchange stations for electric cars for Better Place, as part of the company's expanding global network footprint. The first systems are being in-stalled and a framework agreement has been concluded for sup-plying additional equipment. It's a simple concept: You need not tediously charge a battery that is running low, but instead com-pletely automatically exchange it at a changing station. This takes no more time to complete than a visit to the gas station.
  • As a specialist in vehicle assembly with know-how in gluing, testing and filling technology, as well as in automation, Dürr is optimally positioned to supply assembly lines for complete drive batteries in electric cars. This expertise was also demonstrated to customers at the eighth Dürr Open House.