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BlueBotics, Switzerland - IFR-Partner

Paquito, the clever robot workmate

Human-machine interaction is becoming ever more important. Modern robots are expected to autonomously carry out tasks in complex environments and to perform work on their own or assist humans in performing it. Work sharing is called for - just the job for Paquito, an automated guided vehicle (AGV) automated by BlueBotics SA in Lausanne and developed by Ticino-based industrial automation specialist Esatroll SA. Paquito travels autonomously through warehouses, using integrated sensors to find out where the right transport container is. It stacks containers and pallets weighing up to 1200 kg and carries them to where they're needed. The tireless automaton easily manoeuvres round unforeseen obstacles and deftly avoids collisions by handling bipeds or other obstacles in its path. Safety is Paquito's top priority.

Equipped with BlueBotics' autonomous navigation technology (ANT®), Paquito has a load capacity of 1'200 kg, can manage pallets of up to 2.2 m in height and navigates safely through buildings at a speed of 1.3 m/sec.

At Paquito's innovative core is ANT®, the Autonomous Navigation Technology developed by BlueBotics. This technology allows the robot to navigate at up to 1.5 m per second without the need for remote control or preset inductive and magnetic guideways. Of course Paquito is equipped for wireless communication. ANT® enables the robot to quickly find its way in the surroundings, allowing it to take on tasks in dynamic environments. Built-in precise positioning makes a wide range of new automation processes possible, such as distributing freight to lorries or railway cars or making setup adjustments in production plants and industrial warehouses. Paquito integrates easily with conventional logistical IT solutions for transport, system and warehouse management.

Paquito has been successfully deployed in several companies in Italy, where it has proven to be a quick, nimble and cost-effective logistics helper. Recently, BlueBotics and Esatroll supplied a Paquito for use as an innovative forklift to a large bakery supplying McDonalds restaurants in Italy.

GilbertoPaquito's colleague Gilberto shows us in a video at the Hannover trade fair how Paquito is coping at the bakery. Gilberto is another clever robot developed in cooperation with Esatroll, 2 m tall, likewise equipped with ANT®, with stylish Italian design. Gilberto will enjoy communicating with visitors to the BlueBotics booth in four languages and by touch screen.


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