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BARA, UK - IFR-Industry Association

Robotics get major boost as BARA joins the PPMA

The growing importance of robotics and automation systems to the global packaging supply chain has led to the amalgamation of the British Automation & Robotics Association with the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association.

The move, which is aimed at strengthening the strong supplier base for the end user community, will provide access to technical support from the PPMA's membership. The reasons behind the move included the recognition of the role robotics and automation play in an increasingly globalised market, while the associations also share a similar customer base, aspirations and values.

It will also strengthen links with government, industry, financial and academic institutions in promoting the use of robotics and assist in their development.  

"Combining the strengths of both parties gives us a real opportunity to address the technical, commercial and environmental challenges faced by industry", explained Chris Buxton, CEO, PPMA.

Among the benefits offered by robotic systems are greatly improved productivity and  the flexibility demanded by customers through the automation of manual tasks, often in less floor space; while a  single robot can do the work of multiple machines. Automation and robotics help to create higher output and quality; have hygiene benefits; and are flexible enough to change to the demands of retail customers, said the PPMA.

President of BARA Mike Wilson, who will become the director of automation and robotics, said:  "The combination is much more than the sum of the parts. It is particularly important in this current difficult environment that the automation message is spread to as many people in industry as possible."

BARA will become an integrated sub-group of the PPMA, have its own council of representatives and a director of automation and robotics. The associations believe that the resources of the two associations - people, knowledge and finance - will make a real difference to the promotion of the technical advantages of robotic solutions to the end user community.



Chris Buxton and Ken Young, chairman, BARA  shake hands on the deal