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Advanced Packaging Management Software Solution and new Flexible Part Feeding Technology

Adept Technology announced it will be demonstrating its advanced packaging management software solution, ACE PackXpertTM at the FachPack trade show (booth # 9-253/Hall 9) in Nuremberg, Germany September 29 through October 1, 2009 and at the PACK EXPO trade show (booth #S5380) in Las Vegas, Nevada October 5 through October 7, 2009. The company will also be showcasing flexible packaging solutions including its best in class Adept Quattro s650H. The company's demonstrations will highlight technology that allows manufacturers to increase production with solutions that are easy to implement, deploy and support.

"Packaging manufacturers are consistently challenged by product changes and the need to ramp up volume and as such need tools to reduce the time it takes to integrate and deploy their packaging lines. The software behind the automation must be intuitive, complete, flexible, customizable and re-usable," said John Dulchinos, president and CEO of Adept Technology, Inc. "ACE PackXpert does just that. It features seamless and innovative integration of the best-in-class robotic vision and conveyor tracking within a single compact controls platform."

Adept PackXpert

PackXpertACE PackXpert is a software solution built on Adept's fully integrated automation control environment, Adept ACE(tm) a new generation of Adept software. Designed specifically for packaging applications, the all-in-one ACE PackXpert solution is completely flexible enabling manufacturers to respond quickly to part changes without lengthy reprogramming.  ACE PackXpert features an easy-to-use intuitive graphic interface and 3D workspace display for visualizing the system operation including physical and conceptual objects. With the software, users can easily coordinate the efforts of an entire line of robots by working across multiple controllers. The program was designed for novice, intermediate and advanced users with no programming required for an application. Users with V+ programming expertise can leverage their existing library of V+ functionality.

BX400 Any FeederAdept AnyFeeder BX400

The Adept AnyFeeder BX400 is a new developed flexible part feeding unit with a large 250l bulk feeder with integrated level inspection. The 400 mm width conveyor and elevating conveyor belt are driven by two brushless servo and AC-drives. The speed will be controlled via interfaces. The new Adept AnyFeeder BX400 is designed to work with a variety of Adept robots. In combination with an Adept Quattro s650H 120 parts per minutes are achievable. The new Adept AnyFeederBX400 is applicable  when light bulk material up to 150 mm are presented in random orientations and must be handled quickly, which is common in cosmetics, medical disposables and injection molding applications.

Quattro s650HAdept Quattro s650H

The Adept QuattroTM s650H is a parallel robot specifically designed for high-speed manufacturing, packaging, material handling, and assembly applications. It is the only robot in the world that features a four-arm rotational platform. This is designed for maximum speed, maximum acceleration, and exceptional performance across the entire work envelope. Powerful compact controls and embedded amplifiers make installation easy and reduce workspace requirements. The high speed and precision of the Quattro robot make it the perfect choice for flexible packaging, material handling, kitting, and assembly applications when performance matters.



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