IFR press release

The First European Robotics Week - Great Success

Brussels, 6th December 2011 - The first European Robotics Week was held from November 28 to December 4, 2011.  More than 130 organisations and institutes in 19 European countries organised over 360 robotics related activities. Based on initial estimates about 80,000 people have been reached across Europe, many of them high school students and elementary school pupils.  

The events featured throughout the week offered many opportunities for the public, particularly school kids, to have hands on interactions with robots in an educational or public setting. From shaking hands with a robot to robotics competitions, school visits, open lab tours, exhibitions ... - there were many great activities. The European Robotics Week was a tremendous success in bringing awareness to the public on how robotics technology impacts our lives both now and in the future and participants agreed: this wasn't the last European Robotics Week!

"European Robotics Week was the product of a successful cooperation between the leading companies, robotics institutes and universities all keen on educating the public about the growing importance of robotics. Many different robotics activities simply brought the wonder and genius of robotics to the people inspiring especially the youth to study science, technology, engineering, and math subjects.", stated Henrik Schunk, Chairman of EUnited Robotics European Robotics Association and Managing Partner of Schunk GmbH, Germany.

European Robotics Remote Labs - online viewing of activities

More than 100 labs across Europe participated in the European Robotics Remote Labs initiative to showcase their activities via the internet for everyone to see from anywhere in the world. 4100 online visitors took advantage of this great opportunity to get an idea of what is going on in European labs during the European Robotics Week.  Either pre-recorded videos or live-streaming cameras showed the labs' activities. "I am proud to be a European roboticist and so are many colleagues and friends all over Europe!" said Professor Stefano Stramigioli from University of Twente (Netherlands) and initiator of the European Robotics Remote Labs. "We had lots of great robotics activities in Europe last week and this was an opportunity to show them to the world."

Participating countries:  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.

More information at:  http://www.robotics-week.eu/