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President's Report

Outlook 2017

Dear Reader,

2016 was again a successful year for industrial and service robots and we look forward to a promising and challenging year 2017.  In a few weeks, we will meet at the Automate in Chicago which will host the ISR Americas 2017.  Sponsored by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the ISR a unique robot event that is hosted various places around the world, bringing new global insights on the latest in robotics applications and research. The ISR will be fully integrated into the Automate 2017 conference sessions, allowing all participants to learn about the newest developments in robotics, machine vision, imaging, motion control and other automation technologies covered at Automate.

The ISR will also celebrate a gala dinner for the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Awards, the industry's highest honor.  We are looking forward to more developments in 2017 another exciting year of growth in the market.

Other major events will follow in 2017.

Major events in 2017

  • Automate 2017 (3-6 April 2017), Chicago  
  • IFR CEO Round Table at Automate (4 April 2017) 
  • ISR Americas 2017 - (3-6 April 2017) 
  • Joseph Engelberger Award 2017 (5 April 2017)
  • IERA Award 2017 at ICRA Conference (29 May-3 June 2017) Singapore
  • CIROS 2017 (5-8 July 2017), Shanghai 
  • IFR-CRIA CEO Round Table at CIROS
  • ISR Asia 2017
  • INNOPROM 2017 (10-13 July 2017), Ekaterinburg
  • IFR-RAR CEO Round Table at Innoprom
  • Robotworld 2017 (13-17 September 2017), Seoul
  • iREX 2017 (29 November - 2 December), Tokyo

Looking forward to another record year in 2017.


Joe Gemma