IFR press release

Joseph Engelberger Award presented to the retiring IFR President Åke Lindqvist

Honored for Leadership

Åke Lindqvist with his wife5 April 2011

Åke Lindqvist, IFR President, was presented the Joseph Engelberger Award for Leadership 2011 at the Gala Dinner of the International Symposium on Robotics on 22 March in Chicago. During 37 years - thereof the last 20 years in the United States - Åke Lindqvist has been one of the key individuals developing ABB Robotics into one of the leading robotics companies in the world. He retired from ABB in December 2010.

The worldwide public perception of the robotics industry increased remarkably during his IFR Presidency. He represented the IFR at trade shows, as lecturer at conferences or at press conferences. He strengthened ties with Asian robotic associations thru increased and direct communications. As Chairman of the IFR Robot Suppliers Group and later as IFR President he successfully helped to improve the worldwide robot statistics.