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Robots shipments in the third quarter 2009: The worst is over?

The results of the IFR Quarterly Statistics on robot shipments for the third quarter 2009 indicate that the decrease of robot shipments has bottomed out worldwide. The shipments of all types slumped by 52% worldwide. Although the result is more than disheartening, it does show a slight improvement over the second quarter in 2009. North America, Asia and "others" hit rock bottom in the second quarter. But, the third quarter results showed an improvement compared to the second quarter. The shipments to Europe again decreased compared to the second quarter in 2009. The detailed results by regions, types and applications were sent to the participants on  November 4th 2009.

The World Automation Atlas - Promotion of Robotics

This unique study was prepared by the IFR Statistical Department due to the request of Messe München. It is online now at the website of the AUTOMATICA (8 to 11 June 2010, Munich, Germany). Furthermore, about 140,000 brochures including the main results were distributed worldwide as inserts in the trade magazines. In the brochures as well as on the website a special notice about the World Robotics 2009 Industrial Robots is included.

Some details on the study: There are three world maps showing the robot density in various countries of the world in the

Total manufacturing industry

  1. Automotive industry, and
  2. The general industry (all non-automotive sectors)

Additionally, we had prepared 14 portraits on the customer industries of automation concentrating on the main technical and economical trends, and the market opportunities in the growing markets as well as in the traditional markets. Furthermore, the robot density of the industry sector was estimated. These industries are surveyed.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Electrical/electronics
  • Food and beverage
  • Information and communication
  • Metalworking
  • Paper and printing
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical
  • Plastic and rubber
  • Solar
  • Wood processing

The brochure and the detailed results on the AUTOMATICA website are indicators of the great potential of automation using robot installations.

World Automation Atlas online


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